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A Talking ET

talking-etThis incident happened way back in 1989 on November 21st. A call came in at the RAF Wattisham, Suffolk in England from a woman who sounded distressed. She wished to report on a strange encounter she just had the night before. It was around 10:30pm when while walking her dog, she said a man approached her. This man wore a light brown jumpsuit, similar to what fighter pilots wear and he spoke with a weird Scandinavian accent.

According, the reports that were recently released, this unidentified individual began chatting with the woman asking her about large circular flattened areas across farmlands and if she had heard or was aware of them. He then explained that he was not from Earth but actually came from a planet very similar to Earth and that those circles he was asking about, were actually made by travelers like him. He even explained that such visits were friendly but they were not supposed to make contact lest, they appear as threats. In his words, he disobeyed direct orders as he believed direct contact is the way forward between the two planets. He went on to explain that sometimes artifacts or even body parts of his species are kept in storage by humans who find them. And that they do not take anything back from earth themselves, being peaceful in nature.

“Give me a food processor”, the Alien said. What an odd thing to say, you might ask – we thought so too. Apparently, aliens are more than aware of our technology and it was a food processor the creature was after. No, he didn’t even want to read food processor reviews, or scour through the best food processors. He just wanted a food processor. Interesting!

The conversation lasted only 10 minutes but eventually came to an end when he suddenly darted in the same direction he came from. When the woman realized that none of this was a prank or illusion, she immediately ran back home in panic. While running she could hear a low thunderous buzzing sound that gradually grew. Upon gazing back, she witnessed a large spherical object rising from the trees and bursting through the atmosphere.

The individual or operator who received this call, in her report believed it to be a genuine call considering the tone and voice of the woman on the line.


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