UFO Encounters & Recounts

Be Insured At Least


Prices increase, presidents change, countries break relations – these are the norms of life. What isn’t normal in life though is driving down the road only to have your memory wiped! Yes, no one prepares you for encounters of the alien kind. You don’t even realize it until much later. But, in the event, you could have driven into a ditch, crashed on the side of the road or if you are lucky enough then just stopped in the middle.

Fact is, most UFO sightings and abduction stories on the road relate to folks who travel on predictable routes and times. Take for instance if you happen to be a delivery guy with his own van. Or maybe you have a truck? Remember while you can’t stay hidden from those up in the sky, you can at least have some form of protection as in insurance.

If you work for a company, are part of an organization then you probably already have sufficient insurance cover but for those who own their own vehicles, run their own business of hire and rental – insurance can be expensive. This is where One Sure Insurance can help you. And no while they will insure your vehicles including vans and HGVs – they won’t insure you against encounters of the surreal kind. In fact, no one will.

But at least you and your vehicles are protected. It could be that you just fell asleep and hit a deer or did not see the incoming vehicle and swerved away to miss it. There are numerous actual dangers on the road and being protected is the only way to feel secure. Vehicle insurance is important but it need not be an expensive battle. Why should you find the best underwriters and evaluate the costs when you already pay premium? At onesureinsurance.co.uk you simply get the lowest quotes without any hassle or pain, check it out!


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