UFO Encounters & Recounts

The Livingston case

orbAnother incident of chance encounter that occurred back in 1979 to one Robert Taylor who accidentally walked into the presence of a UFO in a secluded forested hill. This particular object was spherical in shape and suspended in mid-air with a silent but slightly audible hum. As Taylor went closer to the object, two more motionless objects emerged – both spherical but with pointed rods all over the body. The main spherical object had a surface akin to black sand paper and the bottom somehow was transparent but the top wasn’t. It was as if the object was trying to make itself invisible.

As he went closer, the two independent spheres began moving towards him. They attached to his trouser legs and Taylor could smell a distinct acrid smell that made him gag. He eventually lost consciousness. By the time he awoke, it was dark and his dog was barking with a frenzy. The UFO had left and he tried to walk but could not. He had also lost his voice. He managed to crawl to his vehicle and even start it but ditched his truck owing to the lack of orientation. Eventually pon reaching home, he was taken to the hospital where his puncture wounds could not be explained. The place of occurrence was visited by locals and police alike the next day and sure enough there were peculiar indentations on the ground that could not have come from conventional vehicles.


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