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The Winchester Woman

winchester-womanProbably one of the strangest of all incidents, this occurred in the town of Winchester in Hampshire. In fact, it is believed that many people witnessed this incident although only one confirmed report exists. Mr. Adrian Hicks, was purchasing some books from a local book store in the town centre after having his lunch. It was a busy Saturday afternoon early on in 2004. He suddenly observed a little odd woman weaving her way through the crowd on main street. At first, it seemed that her clothes were unusual or rather odd. But, the more he observed, the more he realized that it wasn’t the only thing odd.

Her movement was off, she had a general demeanour that was strange and made her stand out from the crowd. As Adrian followed her around, he became aware of the gait she possessed – quite similar to how penguins walked and then as he observed her further he came to an incredulous conclusion. This individual was no human! She was an extra-terrestrial. Watching her for over 10 minutes, he memorized what she was wearing and how she looked.

She had a tutu like clothing piece around her waist and a thick blonde set of hair but her eyes were oval and she twirled her hands around. Astonishingly, she seemed at ease moving about the crowd as if she had done this before.

She did not seem scared but was rather happy, evident from the smile she carried. It seemed she simply wanted to see the town center and was suddenly taken aback when she saw the large clock on top the Lloyds Bank. Hicks wasn’t the only individual who paid attention to the lady but there were many more who not only observed her but also took pictures too. Though none of the pictures have surfaced, Hicks believes that there are more of these ETs roaming around Winchester simply because of the secret operations conducted by the British and US in the closest base.

Hicks never came out with his observations until he finally secured his seat in the local government as a Councillor. He then spend money to have an artist record what he saw and now is actively lobbying for the government to spill the beans on its UFO dealings.


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