UFO Encounters & Recounts

The Wyoming case

wyoming-caseIn a much older incident dating back to 1974, Carl Higdon describes his interstellar travel and frantic situation with alarming clarity. He suffered from tuberculosis some months back and the scars were still present on his lungs, so were his vitamin levels low.

That fateful day, he decided to go hunting to the forest in Wyoming – the Medicine Bow National Forest. As he stalked an Elk and fired, something rather peculiar happened. His bullet slowed down almost to a near stop. When he went to retrieve the said bullet, he felt as if someone was behind him. Upon turning around, he witnessed a large humanoid nearly six feet tall and wearing a black jumpsuit with a belt that had a yellow emblem and six point star. This humanoid had bow feet, long arms with rod appendages and no eyebrows. He gave Carl 4 pills and told him that if he got hungry to have one, which would keep him satiated for over four days! Then the individual pointed at him. Before Carl could do anything, he found himself trapped in some sort of transparent device and with a helmet on.

Next, two other humanoid figures emerged, they carried over the 5 elks Carl had hunted earlier. They were somehow frozen and stiff. Before he knew anything, he found himself transported about 163,000 light-years to the humanoid’s planet. The surface of the planet was hotter with a brighter sun and it had buildings similar to the Seattle Needle. That is all he remembered because some 2 and half hours later he woke up back in the forest. He immediately radioed the Sheriff after gradually reaching the truk. The Sheriff found him totally frantic and exhausted, shouting they they took his elf.

In the hospital, it was revealed that his vitamin levels were all high and signs of tuberculosis were miraculously absent on his lungs. That same night, residents of the area witnessed red and green lights in the sky.


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