UFO Encounters & Recounts

UFO Indemnity

alien-abductionWhen you meet with an accident, insurance covers the monetary costs incurred. Same applies to motor insurance and practically any sort of insurance. Even space shuttle launches, Space X missions and programs can get some sort of indemnity cover but then why not UFO affected folks?

Imagine you are walking down the road and suddenly feel a chill creeping up your spine. You turn around only to be shocked with what you see. There high up in the air is a UFO that is shining and buzzing but really not intimidating. You decide to move closer in because you are curious like that. But, before you know it, you are being dragged in and slowly lose consciousness. By the time you wake up, there are humanoids surrounding you all looking at each other and discussing in a language you simply cannot comprehend. They realize you are awake and start trying to communicate with sign language. The next thing you know is that you wake up in the middle of the road with a splitting headache and memories that may or may not be real.

Now, the question is – was there any monetary or physical damage suffered? At least, that is what the insurance companies will ask. How about the emotional damage? Knowing that no one else is going to believe you, that you will forever be afraid of any strange sensation or object – never have the courage to travel alone to scary places. Shouldn’t your insurance give you some sort of relief? Won’t that help alleviate situations?

Unfortunately, the problem lies with the need for insurance to validate specific claims. Trying to validate claims of ET encounters is like trying to figure out if the sun really does rise in the east or if it is because the earth moves the way it does. Both are true but you cannot show or see the two unless you are hovering in space thousands of miles above earth!


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